Here’s how you can get started!

There is more information on our Starer Kit page and you can download everything!


In the Spirit and Tradition of the Apostles, the 10 days between the Ascension of the Lord Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit in Pentecost, are days of prayer in one accord in eager anticipation. So, in the days leading up to the weekend of Pentecost, it is a golden opportunity to arrange times of prayer and praise. Be creative here. You can arrange a special youth tasbeha to thank God for the work that He will do on Pentecost, or arrange a special time of prayer where you can begin by praying the 3rd hour of the Agpeya (as it is has an empasis on commemorating the Feast of Pentecost.) However you want to do it, taking opportunity to prepare our hearts for the feast will allow it’s impact to be maximized in us and in the community.
1) Reserve a public park.
2) Arrange for food. If BBQ is too difficult, consider just ordering pizza.
3) Ask a speaker to share a 10-15 sermon.
4) Arrange a team of volunteers to be there during the BBQ to welcome visitors.
5) Download pamphlets and fliers from stater kit page
6) Print the necessary materials and distribute at church and locally.
7) Encourage all the youth to invite a friend to the BBQ.

Game day: 

1) Arrive early to pray with the volunteers and set up.
2) maintain a fun, welcoming environment for the Coptic people that come as well as any non-Coptic visitors.
3) about half way through the event, invite the attendees to come together for a short welcome message which will include the brief sermon.
4) Have a sign up sheet for visitors to leave their contact.
5) Designate someone to take pictures/videos of the day.

Post Day: 

1) Tell us how things went at (send stories, pictures, or videos to this email and we will publish them on the website!)
2) Reach out to those who attended and invite them to either a local youth meeting or have a special day to invite them where the church is not very crowded.
3) Follow up with each individual to see how to guide them on their journey to Orthodox Christianity, with the guidance of the Reverend Father of your church.
4) If you want to make a special website for follow up, you can use (free and cheap websites)
5) To create special video messages for follow up; it’s free and easy to make a channel.